What I like about UX/UI design.

I am a graphic designer, working from time to time in digital communications. I have worked for both companies and as a freelancer. During this pandemic, I took the time to experiment and discover new things. I have always shared a passion for communications, creative arts but I also always had a very analytical way of viewing things, so I made the jump into UX/UI design.

Perfect for us, multidisciplinary creators.

I have majored in graphic design and minored in business administration. Today, I am completing a graduate certificate in communication & multimedia. As you can tell, my background is very diverse and everything I like is related in some kind of way to the digital world. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to fall under limiting beliefs. If I am passionate about something, I give it my all. I give myself the opportunity to try and see where it takes me.

During one of my classes at university, I stumbled across UX/UI design concepts and theories. I have heard of them before, but I feel like now since I have experienced life a little bit more, I know exactly what I want as a career. Yes, I know, this could change in the future, but today, I am all about UX/UI.

UX/UI design is a multidisciplinary field combining, web design, technology, visual design, marketing, communication, innovation, research, and even cognitive psychology. I have always had multiple interests, so I feel like this is the perfect career path to combine them all at once.

Definition : “ User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. — By Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen (Nielsen Norman Group)

Improving lives by using creativity

During my course, we spoke about the importance of UX/UI designers and the fact that more and more businesses need these kinds of super creators to bring more value to their customers. I enjoy creating strategies, researching customers, and understanding human behaviors. I am a very good observer and listener. I also have a natural sense of empathy for others, which is something truly important to have in this field. I also wanted to have an impact on people’s lives. It was the perfect mix because, it’s all about creating solutions, for a product to better serve its users. So ultimately, UX/UI design is all about people.

Not starting from 0

Because I previously worked as a graphic designer, I have mastered a bunch of skills required to work in the field. Tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, knowing the basics of HTLM, CSS, JavaScripts, color theory, ergonomy, and visual literacy are all key abilities to have.

Many people even get into UX/UI by having a background in psychology, business administration, marketing, visual arts, architecture, marketing, communication, and even computer science. That to say, that most of the time if you want to change your career, chances are you already have some of the required competencies.

Job security and career opportunities

LinkedIn even cited UX/UI design as one of the Top skills companies needs in 2020. Due to Covid 19 crisis, plenty of businesses have seen the importance of going digital, now more than ever, in order to survive and, diversify their actions and reach more people. For that reason, the job market for UX/UI designers is in high demand and employability prospects are very promising.

In conclusion, I like UX/UI because it is a multidisciplinary field with plenty of opportunities to express your creativity and your desire to help others. It is the combination of multiple subjects and everyone has the opportunity to start today, with what they know, plus there are great career openings for the future.

A tech enthusiast, passionate about UX/UI Design & Digital Communications, based in Montréal, Canada. Follow my work on IG: @ux.creativesekence