I have first started my career as a graphic designer, meanwhile working from time to time in digital communications. I have worked for both companies and as a freelancer. During this pandemic, I took the time to experiment and discover new things. I have always shared a passion for communications, creative arts but I also always had a very analytical way of viewing things, so I made the jump into UX/UI design.

Perfect for us, multidisciplinary creators.

I have majored in graphic design and minored in business administration. Today, I am completing a graduate certificate in communication & multimedia. As you can tell, my background is very diverse and everything I like is related in some kind of way to the digital world. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to fall under limiting beliefs. If I am passionate about something, I give it my all. …


Yasmeen Souffrant

A tech enthusiast, passionate about UX/UI Design & Digital Communications, based in Montréal, Canada. Follow my work on IG: @ux.creativesekence

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